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Why Practice Works?

The fast-lane to top grades

1. Jump straight into Unlimited Practice Questions

Skip the boring parts and go straight to practice questions - designed with your exam in mind

Practice, practice, practice

Practising is the fastest way to improve your ability to get top grades as you learn the content

2. With a AI-powered tutor by your side

‍Providing feedback and explanations when you need it

That's us - your personal AI tutor

Instant feedback will close those learning loops and help you rapidly improve

3. Know where you stand

‍Each question you tackle builds out an understanding of your competence against the syllabus

Stop guessing whether you are "ready or not" and what you need to study - your AI Tutor will regularly provide assessments and specific instructions on where to focus your efforts

Need more reasons to give it a try?

4.  Tackle practice questions crafted just for you

Don't rely on generic practice questions created for the masses

Focus on your weak spots while reinforcing the areas you know‍

Your AI tutor knows what you need and will create questions specifically for you

5.  Updated to the latest syllabus and guidelines

Syllabuses are updated regularly, but traditional prep providers often recycle old content as creating new material (especially practice questions) is time-consuming.

We use technology to regularly refresh all our content so nothing is outdated.

6.  Mobile friendly - so you can study on the go

We know you love mobile, and so do we!

Our platform is mobile-friendly, so you can knock out a few practice questions on the go.

At the bus stop and on the couch, we've got you covered.

Who we are

One human - surrounded by AI

An Nguyen
CEO & Founder

ex-CTO & ex-COO at VC-backed scale-ups.
Formerly at the Boston Consulting Group.
Likes to build useful things.

Open Aye Eye
Lead tutor & content creator

Has read the open internet.
World-class test taker.
Self confessed workaholic.
Available 24/7.
Exams smashed: lots

Midori Jour Nei
Lead illustrator and artist

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Suspendisse varius enim in eros elementum tristique.

Chat Gee Peiter
Debugger, ideator, all-round generalist

Born from OpenAI
Friendly to mere mortals
Available 24/7

An Throw Pick
Assistant tutor

The 2nd An on the team.
Also a world-class test taker.
Loves context, lots of context.
Available 24/7.
Exams smashed: lots

+ more
Vertical specialists, uniquely brilliant

Designers, builders, support, billings and more

We're hiring!

Looking for human hitch-hikers or AI to join the team

Email me at if you're interested

Open positions
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Frequently Asked Questions

What AI models / LLMs do you use?

We use a number of LLMs for our products depending on the content and application. Predominately, we leverage OpenAI's GPT 4 and Anthropic's Claude 3.

Both these models are cutting edge (for now) and perform exceptionally well in generalised tests.

We'll continue to adopt better-performing models as they are released.

How can you offer products that are so affordable?

It's simple: we are a small team, passionate about democratising learning through technology.

So, unlike traditional learning and prep providers, we don't have teams of professors, teaching staff, tutors, administrators, and we don't have to pay rent for offices and classrooms.  

We also don't have investors pushing us to maximise shareholder wealth.

This allows us to charge a much cheaper price, for a much better prep product.

When will you create a product for ___?

Good question - email me if you have a request

Are you hiring?

Not actively, but if you want to get involved, then email me at

Still have questions?

Shoot me an email at

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